National Teacher Award Winner 2020 - Smart use of Technology in school education

First Mystery of Academic Year 2019-2020

School 787

An amazing Mystery Skype session with Japanese students 
Our Z P School Gopalwadi’s students had a really great time playing Mystery Skype with students from Japan. 
They are very well prepared, talented & enthusiastic like their country, we learn so many interesting things about Japanese culture. We also learned about their money, the meanings of the flag, their daily routine, food, and traditional dresses.
We have talked about our culture and national symbols after the mystery. Most importantly, my students have the chance to talk with overseas friends to practice their English…
Thanks a lot of really hard working & passionate teachers from Japan @Azusa_Kitano for this wonderful session …..!!
#MicrosoftEDU#SkypeInTheClassroom #MysterySkype #IndiaJapan#CulturalExchange

Narayan Mangalaram

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